The Bulgarian Counts
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Mr. Llime - Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty
  1. Drunken Angel
    (Lucinda Wiliams) 
  2. Daughter of the Sun
  3. Early Morning Rain
    (Gordon Lightfoot)    
  4. Sunny Afternoon  
    (Ray Davies)
  5. Cripple Creek
    (Robbie Robertson)
  6. Smoked in Texas
  1. Jolie Louise
    (Daniel Lanois)
  2. Johnny, Johnny
    (Traditional - ESL)
  3. The Old Zither PLayer
    (Traditional - ESL)
  4. I Was Drunk
    (Alejandro Escovedo)
  5. Whiskey Swing
    (Dany Blues - ESL)
  6. Why Don't We Get Drunk?
    (Jimmy Buffett)

Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Back -  Ernest S. Llime

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