The Bulgarian Counts
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TBC - Internet Heroes
  1. Around the World
    (An Andreessen Mosaic)
    (Carl Orff - ESL) 
  2. Bigger, Faster, Better ~
    (Intel - AMD duet)
    (Traditional - ESL) 
  3. Make Me an Offer - pt. 1
    (... and You Can Have My Sister ...)
    (Carl Orff - ESL) 
  4. Ride a White Swan 
    (Persian Kitty)
    (P.I. Tchaikovsky - ESL) 
  5. The Illusionist
    (Emperor Gates)
    (Scott Joplin - ESL) 
  1. Googleplex
    (Has a Loooot of Zeroes)
    (Giuseppe Verdi - ESL) 
  2. Make Me an Offer - pt. 2
    ( ... and My Mom)
    (Jaques Offenbach - ESL) 
  3. Internet Killed the Peep Show Star
    (Free Ass for All)
    (J.S. Bach - ESL) 
  4. Do You Wanna See My Pussy
    (My Self, My Selfie)
    (P.I. Tchaikovsky - ESL) 
  5. Free Shipping
    (... My Sister AND My Mom)
    (Richard Wagner - ESL) 
Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Back -  Ernest S. Llime
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