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Mr. Llime - Joys of Love - vol. 1
  1. 2 Cups of Coffee
  2. For My Angel
    (ESL - Lee Majaz )
  3. Let Us Pretend
  4. The Summer of Passion
  5. Let Him In
  1. Spanish Words (Las Palabras )
    (Nazim Chambi - ESL)
  2. Sugarman Blues
  3. Waiting for Snow
  4. Song for the Working Girl
  5. She Loves the Jerk
    (John Hiatt)

Jane Birkin - 1975 Shoot for "LUI" Magazine.
At the time she was 29 years old and already a super star.
Today of course, she is a legend.

The best music happens when the student and the teacher come together.

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