The Bulgarian Counts
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Mr. Llime - Mystical Progression
  1. Genesis
    Rig - ESL)
  2. Tamuz
    (Felicia Wynter - ESL)
  3. Atmosphere
    (Rob Valverde - ESL) 
  4. Do Not Go Gentle
    (Dylan Thomas -  ESL)
  5. A River's Child
    (Felicia Wynter - ESL)
  1. The First Frontier
    (Felicia Wynter - ESL)
  2. The Herald
    Lionel - ESL)
  3. The Calypso Cycle
    Kurt Vonnegut - ESL)
  4. OM
  5. The Master
    (RBR - ESL)

Sometimes it's fun to take turns. Teach me today, I'll teach you tomorrow.

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